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Teknologisk Institut


DK-2630 Taastrup

Telephone: +45 7220 3150

Telefax: +45 7220 3185




The objective of the Danish Technological Institute is to be an active partner in the evolution of industry and society as a developer and mediator of technological innovation. “Technology” embraces technical, managerial and business related financial and IT expertise as well as practical use of the new knowledge in all three areas. We build-up, maintain and disseminate knowledge and services, which gives improved competitiveness, sustainable use of resources, increased employment and qualification, as well as a reduced cost burden for society and companies. We co-operate with development and research centres in Denmark as well as abroad in order to find and interpret the latest knowledge – and we co-operate with business organisations, educational institutes and authorities in order to disseminate and utilise this knowledge quickly and effectively. Danish Technological Institute have special knowledge in disseminating to small and medium sized companies with a special focus on the very small companies.

Business Model

The Centre for Packaging and Transport develop and disseminate “technology” within the business area of distribution of products including packaging, transport, supermarkets and other retail shops, storage, handling, and the related Information Technology to distribution. Denmark has a large food production mainly for export and for this reason Danish Technological Institute have focused many activities within food production and distribution. Centre for Packaging and Transport are together with centres as Applied Food Technology and Refrigeration Technology the special taskforce to the food industry.

The Danish Technological Institute, with its 40 academic centres is an independent, not-for-profit institution, which is approved as technological service agency by the Danish Ministry of Business and Industry.

Activity Areas


The activities in Danish Technological Institute are all related to “translating” the fundamental research at universities to the industrial needs in SMEs.


Packaging and Transport have developed a strategic model for all involved activities. This model represents the strategic space in which we must develop our services and for which we must become known. In the model, Packaging and Transports know how acquisition is developed within the defined field of work, while technological problem solutions in the “bluegrey area” and outside are resolved either by Packaging and Transport in co-operation with other external partners or DTI experts (Food Technology, Refrigeration Technology etc.).