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Stiftelsen Østfoldforskning

Stiftelsen Østfoldforskning, Østfold Research Foundation

P.O.Box 276, N-1601 Fredrikstad, Norway

telephone: + 47 69 35 11 00

telefax: +47 69 34 24 94



Østfold Research Foundation (STØ) is a private research centre located in Fredrikstad, SE Norway. STØ was established in 1988 as a private, non-profit foundation, where local municipalities, the county council and a number of private companies are the founders. STØ work within two main areas: Preventive Environmental research and Business and Regional Development.

STØ has a total of 22 employees. 9 employees are working with preventive environmental research, both nationally and internationally. There are 3 STØ employees with Ph.D. or Dr. science degrees.

STØ has been involved in several national and international packaging projects related to packaging waste management and minimisation, and packaging optimisation and prevention over the last 10 years.

Working areas:

·        Strategy analyses

·        Development of the Factor 10 society.

·        Systems for recycling of waste resources.

·        Material efficiency and optimisation

·        Systems for management, documentation and communication of environmental aspects

·        Waste minimisation in companies / Cleaner Production.

·        Industrial ecology networks.  

·        Climate and energy plans for municipalities and private companies

·        Analysis of energy systems

Contact persons with expertise within the areas:

·         Packaging waste management

·         Packaging indicator

·         Packaging prevention and optimisation

        • Ole Jørgen Hanssen, Research Manager Environmental Protection Research, ojh@sto.no
        • Synnøve Rubach, Research Scientist Environmental Protection Research, sr@sto.no
        • Mie Vold, Research Scientist Environmental Protection Research, mv@sto.no