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In Sweden a number of companies have formed the Trade & Industry Group Miljöpack to work jointly with the Essential Requirements of the Packaging Directive. Miljöpack works in parallel to the packaging recovery organisation REPA and the material companies.


Some of Miljöpack’s important objectives are to:

·        give support to companies when they implement routines for evaluating the conformity with the Essential Requirements of the Packaging Directive

·        be a contact body between the members and the authorities

·        follow new and future rules and regulations connected to this area, in Sweden as well as in the EU

·        follow and try to influence changes of the Directive and its application


Miljöpack has the confidence of the Swedish National Environmental Protection Agency. In a letter, the agency has stated that if the group gets a wide appeal in the trade and industry, no detailed legislation with ensuing governmental control need to be introduced in Sweden.


The Trade & Industry Group Miljöpack invites all companies to participate.


For more information, please visit http://www.packforsk.se/naringslivgruppen_miljopack.asp or contact the Miljöpack secretariat at STFI-Packforsk, phone +46 8 676 70 00.


For the Swedish version of the standards EN13427-13432 (Swedish and English), please contact SIS Förlag AB, phone +46 8 555 523 00 or www.sis.se.