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The Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EU) and the 6 standards EN13427-13432 are the setting requirements for all who are marketing a packed product on the EU Market. But the standards do not in all cases give companies precise instruction in optimising the packaging. And OPTI-PACK is a Scandinavian project trying to give practical methods to industry.

In areas where a company does not have optimisation and documentation methods for the optimisation of a packaging-product-design, OPTI-PACK has several proposals. OPTI-PACK is designed in several reports in following structure:

  • This description of the structure in the System. It gives the background of the EU Directive and the standards and overall introduction of how to work with the assessment of the essential requirements.
  • And a Toolbox with a number of different assessment methods including theory and science. This handbook is a textbook to upgrade technology in companies and is designed for the use in the beginning of the process and for new personnel. The toolbox also includes:
      • Equipment for packaging assessment is a book for purchasing the needed equipment only in the situation where an assessment method needs equipment. This book gives examples of both professional test equipments either in-house or rented and also simple cost efficient equipment. This book is only for use during implementation of the system in the company.
      • Procedures and checklists is a number of helping tools for the daily packaging design. This book contains a number of sheets to be copied for securing that all elements in the assessment are followed and with space for reporting the results in the assessment in order to document the optimisation process.

 The Toolbox is designed as a long list of different assessment methods. Companies can choose between different methods but have to evaluate each method. Please be aware that no method is perfect.

An optimisation method is a prediction into the future. Simple methods can maybe be done with few resources but can also at the same time be un-precise. A wrong prediction can result in either to weak packaging (= damaged products = failure cost and lost goodwill) or to strong packaging (= cost to packaging and transportation).

Each product or company is special and no report can develop a general optimisation method for all. OPTI-PACK is only offering the companies a list of usable methods and companies must choose from the list or develop other methods. Please also be aware that the list of methods in OPTI-PACK is not complete.