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This is a business guide for companies wanting to meet the requirements of the EU Directive on packaging and packaging waste. This guide was made in the last part of 2005, at a time where quite a number of countries still did not have a final legislative basis for the Directive. The Directive itself has been revised in 2004 and the six standards which the Directive refers to have been accepted by the EU in 2005. Therefore quite a number of EU countries have not yet implemented national rules.

We have made this guide in order to transform the incomprehensible set of rules into something the companies can relate to more practically. A very typical reaction when the companies try to implement the EU Packaging Directive is a frustration over the massive demand for written documentation. As the work progresses the companies realize that it is not only possible to meet the Directive requirements in practice, it is actually also financially beneficial for the company.

So even though a lot of information is still in the dark the central points are clear. The packaging should be minimized concerning material, environmentally hazardous components and heavy metals, and a plan should be made as how to recycle or waste the packaging. This project has worked with this in real life cases, and usually the company was able to profit from meeting the directive requirements. At the same time we have experienced that the implementation takes some time, which is one of the good reasons to start now instead of waiting for the authorities to start asking unpleasant questions or initiating control measures.

So this guide is a first interpretation, which can be expected to change according to national rules, when these are implemented in the various EU countries. We therefore recommend that everybody acquire all original and legal documents, the Packaging Directive, the CEN Standards and reports as well as the national government notices.