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Sale and marketing in supermarket becomes more and more important. These years we see that customers become more and more impulsive in the purchasing decision. Different studies in Europe indicate that between 60-99% of purchasing decisions was made inside the supermarket with an average between 70-80%. The studies indicate also a growth in the impulsive decisions of about 1% annually.

In some product groups as dairy, fruits and vegetables the impulsive decisions are below average about 60% because these groups include basic food products as milk, potatoes etc. Other product groups as fancy-food, cakes, candy etc. is way over average with 95-99% of all purchase.

The same studies also inform us that impulsive decisions in shops have different degrees of impulsiveness. "Only" a little under the half of the percentages from above is an absolute impulsive decision where the consumer had absolutely no idea of the purchase before coming. The average consumers walk out of a shop with about 50% more than planed.

On the other half of the impulsive sale the packaging still has an important role in the sale decision. These decisions are when the customers have made a general decision from home but fist decide the precise product in the shop. This is the situation for about 30-40% of all sales today.

When the customer have made a decision to purchase a specific product from home it is very difficult to change. Only 1-2% of the total sale is a replacement sale.