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It is important to understand that the customer’s impulsive decisions in the shops have different degrees of impulsiveness. In order to understand these processes marketing research have developed the AIDA Model.




Typical supermarkets have between 1.000-30.000 products in the shop and the customers have only 10-30 min. for shopping. We only as an average have 0,06-1 sec/product. In the typical situation it is a hard but important job for the packaging to give attention on your product.



If the packaging has succeeded to attract the customer the next step is to create an interest in the customer. We see a lot of packed product but many products have not our interest and the eyes just pass to the next product.



Have your packed product passed the first to steps the consumer make a futher investigation of your product. But the consumer shall have need and desire for the product before the final purchasing decision.



The last step in this purchase process is the consumers’ action to move the packed product from the shelf or pallet into the shopping basket or trolley.