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The Technological Institute of Iceland, (IceTec)


IceTec is an Icelandic technological R&D and educational institution, serving a growing range of international clients with specialised needs. Ice Tec’s primary aims are to strengthen the Icelandic economy through development, innovation and increased productivity. They focus on initiative and flexibility that tailor solutions to the needs of individual clients. Alternative low emission fuels are therefore of interest since combustion of fossil fuels is one of the largest sources of green house gas emissions in Iceland

Our core clientele are small and medium sized enterprises. Acting in close cooperation with industry, the institute focuses on R&D, technology transfer, education and consulting to increase innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

IceTec is deeply rooted in the success of its home market. Its staffs are highly educated scientists, technical specialists, management experts and educators who handle approximately 2,000 assignments annually. Many staff members regularly publish articles on their research in domestic and international journals.

The expertise gained over 20 years of working with SMEs and institutions and businesses, as well as cooperating in various European projects which often includes project coordination, makes IceTec the partner of choice for a great many specialized projects