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F2: Test Vibration

Next step is a performance test with the purpose to simulate the distribution environment. Such a performance test can be done in either random or sine vibration.

The random test shall include all the critical transport elements. In case of combined transport you shall test different transport means. Sometimes the package shall be working both as an individual parcel and as one package in a pallet and/or container. And at last the vibration test shall compress days of transport into a random vibration test in minutes or hours.

Different organisations have designed test procedures for the simulation of long transport into a practical test. In Europe a project call SRETS have been the basis for ENXXXX, but also others have made different other proposals. In USA ASTM have a standard and ISTA have other proposals designed for the simulation of North American trucks.

Testing vibration in real life is possible but difficult. The problem is every truck is different and even creates different spectres under different loads and road conditions. It is possible to send several loads without problems and suddenly have the problem anyhow.

Random - D4728-1-1


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