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F0: Test Programmes

The scope for all packaging test programmes is to make a forecast/prediction. In this case to have an answer to the problem "Can the packaging system protect during distribution?".

Inputs to the problem are:

  • Type of risks:
      • Mechanical risks as drop, shock, vibration, compression etc.
      • Climate risks as temperature, humidity, rain, sun light etc.
      • Other risks as theft, animals, chemicals, salt etc.
  • Level of these risks
  • Frequency of the risks

The test equipment and the procedures for performing such tests are specified in a number of international standards. But you need more. You have to transfer your knowledge about your risks in your distribution system into a test programme. A test programme is a number of tests including climate, drop, shock, vibration, compression testing for simulating your distribution conditions.

But such test programmes are NOT official standards. Institutes, private non-profit organisations, transport suppliers, manufactures of products etc. have made their own systems. Below you can see two examples - an old handwritten institute programme and another from the distribution company, FedEx. Well known is also ISTA. The best solution will always be to design your own test programme as a result of a study of your own distribution system. Contact your institute for more information.

TEST - Old programme + FedEx

 DownloadTEST - FedEx (13 MB) 























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