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F. Packaging Performance Tests

Vibrationsbord 2

For testing vibration in laboratories you have different equipment. The best equipment for packaging testing is a servo hydraulic vibration table. Such a system is a hydraulic cylinder mounted with a table.

Vib - Hydraulisk vibrationsbord

An accelerometer controls a servo valve. The cylinder has a stroke of 100-500 mm and can control vibration up to 300-500 Hz. The stroke of the cylinder gives the table a lower limit of vibration of about ˝-3 Hz. A hydraulic vibration table is expensive (>100.000 Euro).

Vib - Elektromekanisk vibrationsbord

Another way to generate a vibration test is to use a big "speaker". An electromagnetic table is a magnet and a spool generating the vibration on the table. This type of vibration table has problems generating low frequencies because the stroke typical is about 25 mm.

Vib - Mekanisk vibrationsbord

Old-fashioned mechanical vibration tables are still in use. But they are only able to test sinus vibrations.

A vibration table also needs control systems in order to generate the different signals and analyse the response from the product.


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