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F. Packaging Performance Tests

To billeder af vores faldbord med kasse før og efter et fald

The test design must include a number of different drop and shocks both on corner edge and side. Corner drop can easy be reproduced. You just drop against a hard floor. Edge and side drops can only be reproduced using equipment, either a drop tester or a shock tester. A drop tester (drop table) is a plate mounted over the floor. The plate is constructed together with a mechanism able of moving fast away from the parcel in a way so that the parcel can start a free drop without any rotation. If you use you hands a little rotation is transferred to the parcel and results in a corner drop.

It is a practical experience that this difficult side drop also affects the product worst. The explanation is that the side drop only gives one big impact.

2events4 på 14 x 7 cm

The area under the curve is the energy in the drop. The green, blue and red areas are the same.


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