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F. Packaging Performance Tests

It is important to be able to document optimal use of packaging.

For each packed product (product/packaging-combination) have a file/report either on paper or computer including:

  • Documentation of minimal use of packaging materials in the packaging system you have chosen.
  • In this case that the critical factor is the protection of either the product or the environment.
  • Specification of the product.
  • Specification of the packaging system
  • Specification or reference to specification of the test programme
  • Photos of damages after testing

When you are specifying the tests it is important to specify the direction of the package. Please use the system from ISO2206 - see drawings:

TEST - ISO2206

Side drop - specify drop 3 for a drop on the bottom (figure 1).

Edge drop - specify drop 2-5 for a drop on the edge near to you (figure 1).

Corner drop - specify drop 1-2-5 for a drop on the corner near to you (figure 1).


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