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Den Norske Emballasjeforening

Den Norske Emballasjeforening, Norwegian Packaging Association

P.O.Box 442, Skøyen, N-0213 Oslo, Norway

Telephone: + 47 22 12 17 60

Telefax: + 47 22 12 17 61



DNE was established in 1969.

"Norwegian Packaging Association (DNE) is an executive and coordinating agency for the professional and trade interests present in all parts of the packaging chain"

Currently the Association has approx. 210 member companies representing packaging producers, packers and fillers. Retail, packaging machinery, research inst. and other companies working in the field of packaging.


  • Education
  • Packaging economy (Emballasjeskolen),
  • Packaging-chain (Emballeringskjeden),
  • Accomodated seminars for different kinds of cooperations (bedriftstilpassede kurs)
  • Flexoprint studies (Flexoskolen).


        • Per Christian Olander, Director of the Norwegian Packaging Association, pco@dne.no
        • Yngve Krokann, Head of Education Norwegian Packaging Association. Member of Pro Europe’s Prevention and Deposit Systems Working Group. Secretary NOK; ykrokann@dne.no