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C. Observing Tests

In some countries eye tracking is used in order to study the consumer behaviour. The consumer is equipped with special spectacles with electronics. With this glasses the researcher can study the spots the customers are looking on and for how long time. In special cases the spectacles also have pupillometers also for measuring the size of the pupil in order to evaluate emotions in relation to a product. Only a few is using this kind of technology.

In the future you may expect virtual reality to come into use for market research and then also for the assessment of packaging. You are today able to create artificial retail shops and make the test person work in this Virtual Shop. You are also able to create new artificial products and place these in the virtual shop. You are then able to measure consumer reactions but only for the fist part in the AIDA model. In order to find the critical level of packaging material you also need to be able to touch the packaging in this artificial world. Such equipment is under development.