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A3: Compression Data from Distribution

Palle trykker nedenstående gods

You may conclude after a study of you distribution line that you are only using door to door container transport and end distribution by truck. Do not only estimate the load as the compression on the parcel in the bottom layer in your pallets. You also have to take following considerations.

  • Humidity is damaging the strength in paper based packaging
  • On stocks sometimes – even in cases of storage equipment – one or two pallets are stacked on the top. And the wooden board in bottom of the pallet does not cover all the pallet area. In the end the compression can on local areas be much higher.
  • Containers handled during distribution and forces from the outside make the situation non-static. In case of the container hitting the ground or another container a little hard you can measure up to 40 g in 20-30 msec. vertical up in the freight.
  • Vibration can also increase forces (see chapter 4.7).
  • When trucks are braking and trains are shunting the package in the front shall resist a large horizontal compression.

You have to add these risks in to you packaging design too.

Comp - Container der sætte hårdt

Comp - Lastbil der bremser - kompression