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A. Risks from Distribution

We all know these methods are not much in use today. We are not in control of distribution quality. We just use a little extra packaging to secure safe transport.

Practical business projects have reached excellent results by focusing on packaging volume. Damage statistics often comes to the result that all packaging is designed to protect in a few but tuff distribution channels. Companies have then changed the distribution in the few channels for a little extra cost and then been able to reduce packaging and packaging volume on all packaging. Does the packaging have a density of less than 0.3-0.5 kg pr. litre the results have been excellent. But you have to add packaging and distribution cost together to be able to optimise. In such cases reductions between 10-40% have been the results. The best results comes from the reduction of transport costs due to the reduction of packaging volume – even in cases where you are forced to increase transport costs on a few distribution channels.


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