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A. Risks from Distribution

You can over time – month or years – analyse the quality of your distribution system. In the practical life more than 90% of the distribution systems behave well. Only a few have either a bad behaviour or are using automatic equipment damaging all packages passing.


Distributionssystem med 2 uheldige aktører

Just a few bad spots can make damages on many destinations 

You should file all damages, which is best to do on a computer. The information you will get is from the end of distribution with damage type, cost, place, date, and so on. In the case on the picture you have bad spots in your system at the round dots in the system. But you are sometimes measuring damages at the end of distribution at the two bars. If you have knowledge of the internal structure you are able to analyse yourself to possible failure points.



You can obtain a better  and more cost efficient result by excluding the few bad spots in your distribution chain.




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