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A. Hall Tests

A T-scope-test is a number of very short presentations of the product. The packed product is presented together with other products in the same product group because a T-scope-test has the aim to analyse the attention value of the packaging.

  • A picture of the packaging is made together with other products, as was it a supermarket shelf.
  • The picture is on the screen a split of a second.
  • The test person is asked if he/she observed something.
  • If the test person have observed the new product the T-scope test is stopped
  • If the test person did not see the new product the same picture is shown a little longer.
  • Typical presentation times are 1/8 sec > ¼ sec. > ½ sec. > 1 sec. > 2 sec.

 DownloadT-Scope-Test Presentation (1,5 MB)