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A. Hall Tests

Danish Technological Institute has developed a tool for hall-tests called Pack-Appeal . It is all knowledge designed into a software programme. The tool can be used by all. You do not need a special education in market analyse. The process is:

Interview design:

  • Number of new products in the test.
  • Different target groups
  • Number of test persons
  • The programme generate specifications of the interviews needed
  • Choose between a number of standard questions or write your own
  • T-scope-test (if needed) - make pictures
  • The programme generate CD or diskettes to the persons doing the interviews


  • The interviewer just have to load the programme into a labtop
  • Following instructions on the screen
  • Load the final answers to a diskette or e-mail to you

Data analyse:

  • Data is loaded into the programme
  • The programme generate a standard report or
  • You can design own report or
  • Data can be send to specialists