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A. Hall Tests

The basic idea in the hall test is to stop just as many persons from the products target group that it will be possible to make a statistical correct evaluation. The name a "hall-test" is from the original method to stop persons in a hall to have their opinion.

We all know interviews, phone interviews, questionnaires etc. All are hall-tests.

All hall-tests are designed in the same structure:

  1. Are you in my target group? If no the interview is stopped.
  2. General questions about the person as male/female age family relations, income, lifestyle etc.
  3. Questions about the consume in the product group as the quantity of the consume, products used today, preparation in the home, the behaviour of other persons in the family etc.
  4. Product presentation and/or appetisers (se later)
  5. Questions about your product, as do you like the shape of the packaging, is the packaging exclusive, colours, surface, pictures, opening, etc.
  6. General questions, as do you like my product, do you want to buy etc.