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5: Company Processes

The rules described here are very overwhelming for a lot of companies, so the most asked question is: WHEN DOES THE SYSTEM HAVE TO BE READY?

In some European countries the answer is that it should already have happened already, and that the requirements have just been further clarified with the Directive revision in 2004 and the final standards in 2005. Some years have passed where nobody really paid attention to this legislation and the control has been virtually non-existent.

However, some companies have been asked to provide the required documentation. Primarily authorities in Great Britain, France and the Czech Republic have carried out control. Considerable control activity has been carried out where the customers typically are large supermarkets wanting signed declarations that the EU Packaging Directive is observed.

The companies certified according to ISO9001 and ISO9002, as well as ISO14001 and similar standards, more likely experience control as their management systems are frequently audited by a certification company. All these certifications has as a minimum requirement that the company observe current legislation and standards, incl. the EU Packaging Directive and the standards. Several certification companies have already announced that they will start looking at the EU Packaging Directive.