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5: Company Processes

If the responsible company does not possess the necessary documentation and find it appropriate to leave the task to a subcontractor they have two options. One option is that the subcontractor provides the necessary documentation and the responsible company then stores it. The other possibility is that the responsible company refer to this subcontractor. This solution requires a signed statement from the subcontractor, that he accepts this responsibility.

Such a statement is called an accordance declaration. It is important that the accordance declaration includes a guarantee from the subcontractor that he accepts to provide the necessary documentation if an official authority demands written documentation. The responsible company should observe the following important issues:

  • When changing subcontractor the documentation should be reconsidered.
  • If the subcontractors accordance declaration is based on information from his own company, it could mean that the subcontractor’s documentation has to be reconsidered when the conditions change.

In these areas an accordance declaration can be relevant:

  • Packaging minimization
  • Heavy metals
  • Nature hazardous materials
  • Recycled packaging
  • Material recycling
  • Energy recovery
  • Compostation and/or biodegradation

In Opti-Pack has written a template to such an accordance declaration with various contents. It will be appropriate to translate this declaration into a foreign language - English as a minimum and preferably all the European principal languages.

A company should always consider a given situation and work out its own specific declaration.