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4: Optimazation of Package

The following methods can be used:

  • Same methods as mentioned for the packaging/filling processes (section 6.3)
  • Standard goods from packaging producers

Standard goods from packaging producers

Sometimes the situation is that you cannot obtain a more optimal packaging than the standard goods from the packaging producer. If for example 1 kg of flour has to be packaged in a paper bag the decision process will actually be to choose between standard goods as for instance 150 g, 170 g, 190 g or 210 g paper. The packaging producer does not provide any paper thickness other than these standard goods. Let us assume that a test has shown that 150 g and 170 g paper is not sufficient, while 190 g and 210 g are acceptable solutions. The standard requirement is to use paper quality that lies in the critical area. Theoretically that could be 179 g paper. This could be produced but it would not be appropriate. In this case we recommend that the packaging producer provides a report stating how a special kind of paper would cause substantial waste by change-over as well as procurement. Such a report could cover the entire supplier assortment and be provided on demand. Please note that the argumentation should not be financial but include technical, efficiency and resource arguments.