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4: Optimazation of Package

The following methods can be used:

  • Packaging machine specification
  • Practical tests

The evaluation will often be done using the companies specific, oldest or most rough packaging machines. Therefore you have to remember to check whether the packaging can be reduced further, when this machine is replaced.

Analysis of package machine specifications

By comparing packaging machine specifications with the packaging it is possible to document that the packaging cannot be reduced further.

Process suggestion:

  • Are the packaging machine specifications in accordance with the packaging specifications?
  • Documentation, e.g. report, video, photo.

Practical tests

Another way of documentation is to perform practical tests on the critical packaging machines. The process could be this:

  • Buy reduced packaging
  • Test on packaging machine
  • Evaluate the results - photo or video
  • Keep reducing until the critical point is reached (the packaging line stops)
  • Choose the previous packaging
  • Documentation e.g. report, video, photo.