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4: Optimazation of Package

The supplier is requested to either by measurement and/or by calculation and/or information and data to investigate whether there are heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chrome) in the packaging component.

If any heavy metal is present in the packaging component the supplier has to investigate whether the total contents of heavy metals are within the limit of 100 ppm.

We refer to the method described in CR 13695-1:2000 paragraph 8, which can be obtained from the national standardization organisations.

It can be very difficult to obtain this information for the many companies that buy a number of different packaging components and put them together in a coherent packaging system to match a certain product. These companies have to receive documentation from their suppliers - maybe more than one step back in the supply chain. In this case an efficient tool will be accordance declarations where a known supplier vouches for the packaging component and possibly a control authority declares that the rules are being kept.