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4: Optimazation of Package

You have to determine whether any of the packaging parts contain one or more environmentally hazardous components classified by the symbol ”N” in Annex I in the EU Directive 67/548/EF (incl. later amendments), and whether the component has been added to the packaging in order to fulfil a certain function. Only in this case you need CR 13695-2.

This documentation is probably best obtained by the packaging producer and his material suppliers. EU Directives can be obtained via http://europa.eu.int/eur-lex/da. (CEN Report) CR13695:1 can be obtained for the national standardization organisations.

Information on environmentally hazardous materials can be found on homepage www.mst.dk/kemi/02040000.htm or on www.kemi.se. On www.di.dk there is a link to a PC program, which can be used as an inspiration when producing documentation relating to CR 13695-1 and -2.

As mentioned for heavy metals it is also very difficult in this case for a lot of companies to obtain the relevant data, when they by a number of different packaging components and put them together in a coherent packaging system designed to match a certain product. These companies have to receive documentation from their suppliers - maybe more than one step back in the supply chain. In this case an efficient tool will be accordance declarations where a known supplier vouches for the packaging component and possibly a control authority declares that the rules are being kept.