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4: Optimazation of Package

The following methods can be used:

  • Product identity and branding
  • Historical market data
  • Specific customer requirements
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews and analyses

These are only examples. Other methods can be used as well. When using this kind of argumentation you have to provide some kind of documentation (e.g. a report, video, photo).

Product identity and branding

The packaging creates product associations and branding. An example of branding is the Coca Cola bottle. A number of initiatives e.g. company logo print and the like are below the limit for documentation requirements.  

Historical market data

Historical market data can be used to document that the packaging cannot be reduced further, if you want to maintain a certain trade. By showing a decline in profits you can render the need for the original packaging volume. A test sale of various packaging designs can also be used to document the optimal packaging solution.

Specific customer requirements

A customer like for instance a supermarket chain can require a thinner packaging material in order to send the proper signal to their customers. In this case the customer clearly defines, what the minimum packaging should be in relation to sale and marketing. It is important to have this requirement in writing.

Focus groups

A focus group is a certain kind of interview, where a group of people are gathered to discuss a certain subject. See www.opti-pack.org Toolbox.

Interviews and analysis methods

The idea is to stop and question relevant customers in a store or a mall. You start with a number of general questions in order to ensure that the person is within the target group and in order to ensure a representative mix in the target group. Only then the person is interviewed. See TOOLBOX.