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3: The Work Process

The EU Packaging Directive states the requirements for minimization of nature hazardous materials, if they are present in the packaging. The EU Packaging Directive states a limit of max. 100 ppm. for heavy metals. Glass packaging is excepted from this rule.

To most companies this will be a difficult task because they use materials from other companies. These companies have so far been very reluctant to disclose such chemical information. Some might suggest that the company send the packaging to a chemical analysis, but you have to be aware that not all chemicals may be possible to detect, and in all cases it would be very a costly affair.

The only practical solution is to require data from your suppliers. This is not an easy task for a company with little or no chemical knowledge.

We therefore recommend that the packaging responsible requires an accordance declaration for each packaging component (Encl. C). In this declaration the supplier testifies by signature that the following requirements are met:

  • The packagings content of nature hazardous materials has been minimized - or even better: the packaging contains none of these components
  • The packaging (except glass packaging) contains less than 100 ppm. heavy metals.

If any of these components are present in the packaging, the supplier can either provide documentation or refer to the authority control in their own company.