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3: The Work Process

This part is an interpretation of how to meet the requirements regarding minimization.

Material minimization

Annex II of the Directive states the following criteria:


Packaging should be produced in a form where volume and weight are reduced to the absolute minimum needed in order to maintain the security, hygiene, and accordance level necessary for the customer as well as for the product itself.



EN13428 states ten criteries which can be used to render a minimal use of packaging material. In practice there is no difference between the requirements.

Then you minimize the packaging/packaging system until one of the critical requirements are met. You have to refer to written documentation for the critical requirement chosen. Chapter 6 has a list of practical examples as how to provide evidence of this.

It is recommended that the companies use the standard form found in EN 13428, as this form is known to customers as well as authorities, when they require documentation data. This form is meant to be the first in a number of written documentation forms. Please note that the use of this form is not compulsory. The demand is that you relate to the ten factors mentioned.