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Annex 3 Example of accordance declarations

Company X do hereby declare that our xzy packaging is in accordance with the EU Directive on packaging and packaging waste (94/62/EF) with alterations in 2004/12/EF as well as below mentioned harmonised European standards..

Should an authority wish documentation for below mentioned conditions, this authority can freely make an application to company X, att.: Abc, phone: +45 xx xx xx xx or e-mail: abx@companyX.dk. Company X will hereafter forward the necessary documentation directly to this authority..

This declaration includes following conditions:

Packaging minimization (EN13428)

On the basis of enclosed information from our customer a minimization of the above mentioned packaging has been made. On this basis we can document that the packaging system does not use more packaging material than it is necessary in order for the packaging being able to/must meet the functions mentioned in EN 13429. The process has been carried out according to EN 13428.

Heavy metals (EN13428 and CR13695-1)

An analysis of the content of heavy metals has been made for all packaging components which forms part of above mentioned packaging. The analysis is based on information from our subcontractor. On this basis we declare that the content of heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chrome does not exceed 100 ppm.

Hazardous substances (EN13428 and CR13695-2)

  • Our packaging contains none of the hazardous substances mentioned in Directive 67/548/EF.
  • Our packaging can in some cases contain a few of the substances, which are mentioned in Directive 67/548/EF. When this is the case a minimization of these substances has been made, so that only the amount necessary is used. This assessment follows the demands of EN13428 and CR13695-2. In some cases this documentation is not available at company X. In these cases company X has secured accordance declarations from its subcontractors, where the subcontractor take on providing the necessary documentation to the authorities.

Recycled packaging (EN13429)

The packaging xyz is constructed as a recycled packaging compared to the conditions in EN13429. Company C can provide written documentation for this by request from any authority.

Material reuse (EN13430)

Following components in packaging xyx: y and z are suitable for material reuse compared to the demands of EN13430. Relevant collection systems are present in following countries or markets. Company C can provide written documentation for this by request from any authority.