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2: Legislation and Standards

Standards are important, as they often support the overall requirements of EU directives. The use of European standards are optional, but if a company uses these harmonized standards it is assumed that they meet the essential directive requirements. This way these standards have become an integrated part of the inner market, and an important tool when wanting free access to the entire EU market. The standards can be purchased through the national standardization organisations.

Basically it is the Directory and the national legislation which has to be observed, but in practice the companies are advised to use the matching standards, because then the rules are presumably met. The companies can choose whether to use EN13427-32 or Annex II of the Directive.


EN 13427

This European standard states the overall requirements and methods to be observed by the person or organisation, who is responsible for marketing packaging or packaged products.

EN 13428

This European standard deals with minimizing the packaging but only adds marginally to the requirements found in Annex II of the Directive.

EN 13429

This standards states the requirements for packaging applying to be classified as re-usable. This guide will not go further into the matter of re-usable packaging. Only when marketing the packaging as re-usable EN13429 is needed.

EN 13430

This standard states the requirements to be met when the packaging is mentioned to be suitable for recycling. See further details in EN 13430.

EN 13431

This standard states the requirements to be met in order for the packaging to be suitable for combustion with energy recovery. See further details in EN 13431.

EN 13432

This standard states requirements and methods for determining the possibility for packaging and packaging material to be compostible and biodegradable. See further details in EN 13432.

CR 13695-1

This is a European, technical report published by the European standardization organisation CEN. It is not a standard but a technical report documenting how you may (not must) measure/calculate whether the packaging only contains max. 100 ppm heavy metals (= lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chrome). The requirement is given in the Packaging Directive. See further details in CR 13695-1.

CR 13695-2

This CEN report describes how to measure, calculate and document the packagings contents of environmentally hazardous components. The document does not include the list of nature hazardous materials, which can be found in another directive, 67/548/EF. See further details in CR 13695-2.