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F1: Test Drop and Shocks

Use a combination of drops in your test. Many small drops can be just as hard to the packaging as one big drop. The package also reacts in different ways to different types of drops:

Corner and edge drops can be hard to packaging with none or a little cushion because the package deforms faster and the drop can reach the product. Side drops can also be hard because you will only have one big shock into the product. An example of such a test programmes for shocks can be:

  • 2-3 edge drops. Look into your construction and find the weakest corners or the most sensitive corners for your product. If you do not see differences you can do as follows:
          • Drop - edge 3-4
          • Drop - edge 3-6
          • Drop - edge 4-6
  • 2 corner drops. First find the weakst edges on your package or:
          • Drop - corner 3-4-6
          • Drop - corner 2-3-5
  • 2 face drops. First find the weakst sides on your package or:
          • Drop - face 3
          • Drop - face 3

You can also use normal or horisontal shock testers. If you are using shock testers you have to transfer drop height into impact speed or dV.

V2  = 2 x 9,81 m/sec2 x drop height


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