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1: Summary

The purpose of this project is to provide the companies practical methods enabling them to meet especially the packaging minimization demands (Annex II of the Packaging Directive).

This project was initiated before the relevant standards were agreed upon. Therefore, the project partners have worked on the basis of the Directive as it was and the standard proposals known at that time. Work was initiated in a number of national companies, working together two by two: a packaging producer and one of their customers were co-operating on how to meet the directions in the Packaging Directive. Later on, another pair started work at a time where the standards were close to being adopted. This pair was also a packaging producer and one of their customers.

From this practical experience, the partners have prepared a guide, presenting the methods which we assumed could be accepted by a national authority. It should be noted that this guide is an interpretation made by the OPTI-PACK partners. It will take some time before all EU countries have adopted final legislation on this subject. Only then administrative and legal practice will decide what is sufficient and what is not.