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1: Summary

A long list of documentation methods is included in the TOOLBOX. This list can be found neither in the Packaging Directive nor in any of the standards. The intention is not for the companies to use all methods. The intention is that this guide can be used as a dictionary or manual, where the company can pick and choose the method which fits each individual situation most efficiently - irrespectively of whether you use Annex II or the standards.

All kinds of documentation method are described. Some are practical observations or tests. Other methods are more complicated, and, finally, the scientific methods are mentioned as well in this guide. The methods are described very briefly - somewhat like a check list. The experience from practical use in the participating companies shows that everybody consider these check lists a great help to get started with practical work, as they are handy and self-explanatory.

The guide works with the company’s own documentation as well as the documentation which can only be provided by the subcontractors. However, it is not always possible to obtain the correct documentation from subcontractors. In such cases, accordance declarations are a possibility. The guide presents an example of this. It is important that the subcontractor assumes authority control, if an official authority expresses doubt whether the rules have been met.