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1.3 Which type of key figures?

Table 1         Relationship between the CEN-standards and the proposed key performance figures.


Key figure

EN 13428

Prevention by source reduction

  • Minimise use of material
  • Minimisation of heavy metals
  • Minimisation of noxious and other dangerous substances
  • Gross/net material consumption/kg consumed or used product.
  • Total loss of product (kg)/ kg consumed or used product.
  • Filling degree in % of theoretical available space in the consumer package/retailer package/pallet

EN 13429


Gross/net material consumption/kg product

EN 13430

Recoverable by material recycling

Gross/net material consumption/kg product

EN 13431

Recoverable in the form of energy recovery

Gross/net use of energy[1]/kg product

EN 13432

Recoverable through composting and biodegradation

Gross/net material for composting

[1] Requires LCA data or data from energy analysis.