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05-1. Market observations

Test marketing is the same methode as direct market observations but performed on limeted markets in order to limit risks.

  • Find a representative market - use earlier sales statistics, and public statistics.
  • Make aggreements with a limited number of retailshops
  • Registration of sales numbers in these retailshops.
  • Change the packaging design - use either more or less packaging.
  • New registration of sales numbers on the same markets and/or retailshops.
  • Analyse of data.
  • Repeate this process until you are able to demonstrate optimal packaging
  • Write a report for documentation of the process.

The method is simple and does not need equipment or educated personnel. Normal this will be a very expensive method to use because you in the process must demonstrate bad sales number in order to demonstrate critical area of packaging. But on a limited market lost sale is not a big problem. The real problem using test marketing is the time you need for the assessment.

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