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05-1. Market observations

A special method for testing marketing is the use of spy mirrors. A test shop is mounted with a spy mirror. Customers are shopping as usual and behind the mirror observers are taking notes of consumer behaviour and/or video recorded. After ending the shopping the customer is interviewed. She/he is asked why they had a specific behaviour concerning a special product group.

  • Find a representative market - use earlier sales statistics, and public statistics.
  • Make agreements with one or two retail shops.
  • Design and implement a mirror system in the retail shops. 
  • Registration of sales numbers in these retail shops.
  • Change the packaging design - use either more or less packaging - or present the same product in different packaging.
  • New registration of sales numbers for each design.
  • Interview all persons coming near to the product either waiting in line for payment or just after.
  • Analyse the data.
  • Repeat this process until you are able to demonstrate optimal packaging
  • Write a report for documentation of the process.

The method is complicated because you need special equipment which is difficult to implement in modern retail shops. Personnel have to be trained to observe and interview test persons in shops. But the method does also give much more information to the marketing and packaging design department.

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