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05-1. Market observations

In some countries eye tracking is used in order to study the consumer behaviour. The consumer is equipped with special spectacles with electronics. With this glasses the researcher can study the spots the customers are looking on and for how long time. In special cases the spectacles also have pupillometers also for measuring the size of the pupil in order to evaluate emotions in relation to a product. Only a few is using this kind of technology.

  • Find a representative market - use earlier sales statistics, and public statistics.
  • Make agreements with one or two retail shops.
  • Design and implement an eye tracing system in the retail shops. 
  • Registration of sales numbers in these retail shops.
  • Change the packaging design - use either more or less packaging -or present the same product in different packaging.
  • Stop selected consumers and ask for permission to participate in test.
  • New registration of sales numbers for each design.
  • Interview all persons coming near to the product either waiting in line for payment or just after.
  • Analyse of data.
  • Repeat this process until you are able to demonstrate optimal packaging
  • Write a report for documentation of the process.

The method is expensive to implement and demand educated personnel to perform. The method is also so complicated and you may expect "noise" in the complicated shopping process. But the method can go behind what is happening in the consumers mind during shopping.

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