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04-2. Handling and storage equipment

Larger packaging more than 20-50 kg has to be handled with different kinds of handling equipment. This equipment has to transfer the load on specific spots on your packaging, and you must design strength in the package. Also load securing on transport means in order to secure cargo on a specific spot and prevent cargo to move demands strength and or equipment to transfer the forces.

Decide what kinds of forces are normal:


And you must also decide what event is so special, and not included in the packaging protection: 


You can always find extreme situations in your supply-chain demonstrating that your existing packaging is below the critical area. But ???

 In order to document such extra strength you must design your documentation to these forces.

  • Analyse all handling and storage impacts in all your different distribution chains.
  • Find the worst impacts.
  • Include these stresses from handling and storage in design of test programme.
  • The documentation methods are the same as in product protection.