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02-3. Standard packaging for different products

The needs from the packer/fillers vary from situation to situation. Stresses are different and the number of packaging needed varies. Producers of packaging are not able to produce all kind of designs, material thickness, production series etc. Many packaging are produced in order to fulfil different needs.

The producer of packaging shall for this reason be able to demonstrate that the ideas behind the groupings of the different needs are done.

A report from the producer of packaging can in this case include:

  • Specification of relevant packaging needs – sales or market numbers
  • Documentation of the critical criterions
  • Documentation of that the chosen grouping system use less resources
  • Total analysis of the problem
  • Conclusion
  • Etc.


Please remember do not use economical arguments in the report documenting such standardisation.

Document lost resources for changing the production line, test running production line after a change, and extra stops and failures etc.