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02-2. Stresses in the supply-chain

Un-filled packaging can be more fragile than filled packaging. For this reason the bottleneck in the supply chain can be the transport from the producer of packaging to the packer/filler.

In these cases the empty packaging is a product that needs protection during transport. Such protection shall either be designed into the packaging or the empty packaging need extra packaging alone for this part of the chain.

The argumentation is the same, as you will use under product protection.

In typical situations it is the producer of packaging who is responsible for both the supply transport and this protection either in the empty packaging and/or the extra packaging. For this reason the packer/filler need a report from the producer of packaging.

A report from the producer of packaging can in this case include:

  • Specification of relevant transport with photo damages
  • Description of tests made with photos
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Conclusion of the limitation for the existing supply transport system
  • Evaluation of the optimal choice either more material in the empty packaging or more packaging around the empty packaging
  • Etc.