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02-1. Stresses in production

Many machines are used in production of packaging. Each machine adds stresses to the packaging materials. And in some cases it will be the production machine of the packaging itself which is the bottleneck in the system. You shall just be able to demonstrate this argument in a report.


Hot plastic bottles are moved fast out of the moulding machine with mechanical arms and dropped down into a box. Such plastic bottles will have a lower limit for material thickness before the side is pressed permanently and the bottle no longer fit into the filling process later or can be sold.



Sometime this problem is related to older production machines. In cases where a producer of packaging has both old and new machines he will have two different limits. Will authorities then accept the limit for the old machine? We do not know yet.

A report from the producer of packaging can in this case include:

  • Specification of relevant production machines with photos
  • Description of tests made with photos
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Conclusion of the limitation for the existing production equipment
  • Etc.