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01. Product Protection

EN13428 sheet - Protection

In your process for the assessment of EN13428 the critical criterion for optimal packaging can be product protection. Earlier in the system you can find a description of the decision process using the sheet above as defined in EN13428. But the standard does not define acceptable assessment methods. EN13428 "only" require you to annex a report demonstrating optimal use of packaging.

In OPTI-PACK we have been studying different practical methods for optimisation of packaging with the aim of protecting the product. A number of the most used methods have been the craftsmen methods that what you sense will be sufficient. But such a method does not fulfil the new requirement of being able to demonstrate optimal packaging.

We have located 4 industrial methods useable for the assessment of a packaging system within the rules of the Directive. These four methods useable for the demonstration of packaging protection are:

Long-term economical assesment

You are able to find each assessment method by clicking on the title.

For more information on packaging science in relation to product protection please use: