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01-4: Scientic Packaging Design

The scientific packaging design method is a further development of the technology to performance tests.

For more information on this scientific approach please study:

These design methods are developed over the last decades and are to some extend in use today in USA and in multinational companies. Still a majority of all companies also in USA are performance testing for securing the package design being better than the distribution environment. Companies have focused on no damages and not optimal packaging.

You may wonder why it can be like that in USA where many companies are employing packaging engineers. But the US packaging is not less than in Europe. One of the reasons has been the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). NMFC make transporters responsible for all damages unless the transport company with references to AFTM packaging test levels demand packaging up to a certain level. And in order to secure the transport, companies have made that level high.

In the end a full optimisation of the packaging system and also a possible upgrade of both the product and the distribution system will save resources of all kind including economic.