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01-3: Performance Testing

You can demonstrate optimal packaging as follows:

  • A packaging system is designed in the best craftsmanship tradition (or by more scientific based design methods).
  • The design is evaluated by experience and material dimensions are changed both up and down in quality.
  • Between 3-5 different packaging systems is decided to be possible candidates to be optimal.
  • A few prototypes of each system are produced and products are packed in these.
  • The company evaluates own distribution system and has developed a test programme for the simulation of the transport, handling and warehousing.
  • The packed product is tested in a performance test.
  • After the performance tests the packaging and the products are evaluated.
  • Then you know your optimal packaging is between the two proposals.
  • If the differences between the minimum packaging which was approved and the largest packaging which was not approved are minor, you can decide to use the packaging system using minimum packaging material which was accepted after the performance tests. 
  • A test report will document optimal packaging.

Please observe you have to demonstrate all packaging on the market. For this reason you must start with an evaluation and re-design of all existing packaging on the European market.