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01-3: Performance Testing

Be aware of following before deciding:

Negative arguments:

  • The method builds on many minor upgrades and downgrades of the packaging materials in the specific packaging system. You do not know in what material you have to change.
  • You have to change many times and every time make performance tests before reaching a conclusion. And even this conclusion is not the perfect optimum.
  • It can be difficult to document the quality of the test programme.
  • Many companies need professional help from a packaging-testing laboratory.

Positive arguments:

  • The method does not demand many changes in the existing systems.
  • Professional help from a packaging-testing laboratory gives the company a neutral and professional validation of the optimisation process.
  • You do not need to invest in education and/or new technology.
  • It does not matter if you are using the method for new or existing products.

Please observe you have to demonstrate all packaging on the market. For this reason you must start with an evaluation and re-design of all existing packaging on the European market.