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01-2: Test Shipments

Following re-design of the method you are able to demonstrate optimal packaging:

  • A packaging system is designed in the best craftsmanship tradition (or by more scientific based design methods).
  • A few prototypes are produced and products are packed in these.
  • The company evaluates 1-3 destinations with the largest negative impact to the shipments.
  • These destinations can be documented either by damage statistics or measurement equipment. It is not a demand from the Directive that you have located the "bottlenecks" in the system. It will alone be your own problem.
  • The prototypes are sent to these "bad" destinations as test shipments.
  • After the test shipments the packaging and the products are evaluated.
  • If the shipment has an acceptable result the packaging design is either over-packed or optimal – if not the packaging under-packed.
  • In case of the test shipment not being approved the packaging design must be upgraded and the process starts again from the start.
  • In case of approval of the test shipment you do not know your situation – either over-packed or optimal.
  • For this reason you must reduce the packaging materials in your packaging system and the process starts again from the start.
  • You must proceed these processes on either reducing or upgrading until the evaluation changes.
  • Then you know your optimal packaging is between the two last proposals.
  • If the differences are minor you can decide to use the second last packaging design.

Please observe you have to demonstrate all packaging on the market. For this reason you must start with evaluation and re-design of all existing packaging on the European market.