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01-2: Test Shipments

At first view this Test Shipment Assessment method can look very interesting. But be aware of following before deciding:

Negative arguments:

  • The method builds on many minor upgrades and downgrades of the packaging materials in the specific packaging system. You do not know in what material you have to change.
  • You have to change many times and every time make test shipments before reaching a conclusion. And even this conclusion is not the perfect optimum.
  • You are not really able to refer to packaging science and some authorities can doubt that you have reached an optimum.
  • IMPORTANT! Risk in distribution is stochastic and does not happen every time. For this reason you can conclude optimal packaging because the test shipments did not include the worst impact. Then you have under-packaging and not an optimum with the result of product damages later.

Positive arguments:

  • The method does not demand many changes in the existing systems.
  • You do not need to invest in education and new technology.
  • By using this big control circle you are measuring on the real world and do not use predictions as the other methods are forced to use.
  • It does not matter if you are using the method for new or existing products.

Please observe you have to demonstrate all packaging on the market. For this reason you must start with an evaluation and re-design of all existing packaging on the European market.