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01-2: Test Shipments

A popular way to test your packaging is test shipments. Up to now this method has only been used for securing that prototypes for a new packaging can protect the product during distribution.

The procedure has been:

  • A packaging system is designed in the best craftsmanship tradition
  • A few prototypes are produced and products are packed in these
  • The company evaluates 1-3 destination with the largest negative impact to the shipments
  • The prototypes are sent to these "bad" destinations as test shipments
  • After the test shipments the packaging and the products are evaluated
  • If the shipment has an acceptable result the packaging design is accepted – if not the packaging is upgraded and the process starts again from the start.

BUT this method does NOT demonstrate optimal packaging. Over-packaging will be accepted by this method but not in the Directive.

Following re-design of the method you are able to demonstrate optimal packaging.